Polymaker PA6-GF filament is a Polyamide 6 material bolstered by glass fibre. Designed for robust industrial challenges, this filament showcases a characteristic matte texture and unparalleled mechanical strength. Ideal for high-stress components such as automotive parts and structural elements, discover its specifications and post-processing techniques.

Physical Properties

  • Density: Approximately 1.3–1.4 g/cm³
  • Heat Deflection Temperature (ISO 75 0.45MPa): 191 °C
  • Tensile Strength: Significantly higher than standard PA, often in the range of 80-100 MPa due to glass fiber reinforcement

Aesthetic Quality

Polymaker PA6-GF filament usually has a matte, textured finish, owing to the presence of glass fibers. The material is generally available in more subdued, natural colors suitable for industrial applications where aesthetic considerations are often secondary to functional attributes.

Durability and Usage

Polymaker PA6-GF is renowned for its exceptional strength, rigidity, and thermal stability. The glass fibers provide additional reinforcement, making it resistant to warping, deformation, and wear. This makes it ideal for manufacturing parts that need to operate under high-stress conditions, such as automotive components, gears, and structural elements.


Given its high mechanical strength, post-processing Polymaker PA6-GF may require specialized tools or methods. It can be sanded, drilled, and machined, but these processes usually require industrial-grade equipment. While it can be painted, special preparation and primers may be needed to ensure good adhesion due to its chemical resistance.

Environmental Impact

Polymaker PA6-GF is not biodegradable and is made from petrochemicals, making it less environmentally friendly compared to bio-based materials like PLA. Its long-lasting nature can be considered an environmental advantage in applications where durability is essential, reducing the need for frequent replacement. However, proper disposal or recycling is recommended to mitigate its environmental impact.

In summary, Polymaker PA6-GF filament is a high-performance, engineering-grade material designed for demanding industrial applications. With its exceptional mechanical and thermal properties, it provides an excellent option for the production of robust, long-lasting components. Though not as eco-friendly as some other materials, its durability and strength make it indispensable in settings where these characteristics are paramount.

PolyMaker PA6-GF – Technical Data Sheet