Duramic PLA+ is a specialized PLA filament optimized for superior mechanical strength and vibrant finishes in 3D printing. Derived from renewable resources, this eco-friendly material balances enhanced durability with aesthetics, making it ideal for both hobbyists and professionals in various printing projects.

Physical Properties

  • Density: Typically around 1.24 g/cm³
  • Heat Deflection Temperature: 52°C
  • Tensile Strength: Generally higher than standard PLA, offering increased rigidity and durability

Aesthetic Quality

Duramic PLA+ is known for its excellent surface finish and vibrant colour options. It offers both opaque and translucent filaments, which allows for a variety of aesthetic possibilities. Much like standard PLA, Duramic PLA+ typically results in a smooth, glossy finish, which can be further post-processed if desired.

Durability and Usage

Duramic PLA+ offers superior mechanical properties compared to standard PLA, including better tensile strength and impact resistance. While it retains some of the limitations of PLA, such as sensitivity to high temperatures and UV light, its enhanced features make it more suitable for functional parts and prototypes.


Just like standard PLA, Duramic PLA+ can be post-processed with relative ease. It can be sanded, drilled, or painted and it adheres well to various types of adhesives, making it convenient for multi-part assembly.

Environmental Impact

Duramic PLA+ shares the biodegradable qualities of standard PLA. It is derived from renewable resources, offering an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastics. However, it should be noted that industrial composting conditions are generally required for effective biodegradation.

In summary, Duramic PLA+ filament offers enhanced mechanical properties and a high-quality finish, making it a versatile option for 3D printing applications. Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, its balance of durability, aesthetics, and environmental responsibility makes it a compelling choice for a wide range of projects.

Duramic PLA Plus – Technical Data Sheet