Understand how factors like material volume, object size, part count, and operational costs impact the cost of your 3D printing order. Get an instant quote by uploading your 3D file and explore potential volume discounts. Experience clarity and convenience in every step of your 3D printing journey with us!

Material Volume: The cost is primarily influenced by the quantity of material required to fabricate your item. Certain 3D printing methods may necessitate support structures for your design, affecting the volume of material used. Our system will notify you if there is a support requirement and the material used will be reflected in the quote.

Size of the Object: The space your object occupies within our 3D printers has a bearing on the price. Generally, larger components come with a heftier price tag.

Part Count: Every unique part requires individual attention during the manufacturing process. However, if you’re ordering in bulk, don’t forget to check out our volume discounts which can provide significant savings.

Operational Costs: This encompasses a range of expenses related to the actual production. It includes labour, stringent quality checks, machine upkeep, and any other essential services needed to ensure the flawless 3D printing of your item. These aspects collectively shape the final price of your product.