Explore the unparalleled attributes of Polymaker PA12-CF filament, a Polyamide 12 material reinforced with carbon fibre for enhanced mechanical and thermal properties. Suited for advanced industrial tasks, this filament boasts a high-tech matte finish, incredible durability, and top-tier strength, making it indispensable for aerospace, automotive, and engineering applications.

Physical Properties

  • Density: Typically around 1.35–1.45 g/cm³
  • Heat Deflection Temperature (ISO 75 0.45MPa): 131°C
  • Tensile Strength: Significantly enhanced compared to standard PA12, usually exceeding 100 MPa due to carbon fiber reinforcement

Aesthetic Quality

The filament typically exhibits a matte, carbon-fiber textured finish, which adds a high-tech, professional aesthetic to printed parts. Its color options are often limited to natural or dark hues, which align well with its industrial focus where aesthetics are usually secondary to functionality.

Durability and Usage

PA12-CF is renowned for its outstanding mechanical strength, stiffness, and temperature resistance. Its carbon fiber reinforcement makes it ideal for high-stress, high-temperature environments, such as aerospace components, automotive parts, and advanced engineering applications. The material is highly resistant to wear, making it suitable for moving parts like gears and bearings.


Polymaker PA12-CF can be post-processed, though it generally requires specialized techniques due to its high strength and chemical resistance. Methods such as sanding, machining, and painting are possible but may require industrial-grade equipment and specialized adhesives or coatings for optimal results.

Environmental Impact

Similar to other high-performance polymers, PA12-CF is not biodegradable and is derived from petrochemicals. While its durability offers some environmental advantages in reducing the frequency of part replacements, its non-renewable origin and lack of biodegradability mean that responsible disposal or recycling is crucial to mitigate its environmental impact.

In summary, Polymaker PA12-CF filament is an engineering-grade, high-performance material tailored for applications requiring extreme strength, rigidity, and thermal stability. Its carbon fiber reinforcement makes it a top-tier choice for complex industrial and engineering tasks. Although it doesn’t have the eco-friendly profile of some other materials, its high durability and advanced properties make it indispensable in specialized, high-stress applications.

PolyMaker PA12-CF – Technical Data Sheet