From our general-purpose resins to specialized formulations mimicking the properties of silicone, wax, or polyurethane, our SLA Materials page guides you through each material’s unique strengths and applications. Perfect for jewelry designs, heat-resistant models, medical applications, and more, our curated SLA resins cater to the broadest spectrum of design needs and creative innovations. Choose the ideal resin that aligns seamlessly with your project’s requirements.

SLA MaterialDescriptionDesigned to SimulateApplications
General Purpose (grey, black, white)General-purpose resins with a smooth finish. Suitable for a wide variety of applications requiring detail and durability.Prototypes, art models, educational projects, everyday objects.
Expert BlackA specialized black resin offering superior accuracy and detail resolution. Ideal for expert-level applications.High-precision engineering models, microfluidics, and other highly detailed applications.
Grey ProIdeal for concept modeling and functional prototyping, offers high precision and moderate elongation.Engineering parts, assembly and testing prototypes, short-run manufacturing.
DurableKnown for its high wear resistance and flexibility. Exhibits properties similar to polypropylene.PolypropylenePrototypes for bending, twisting, or impact resistance. Snap-fit joints.
High TempHighest HDT (Heat Deflection Temperature) among FormLabs resins. Excellent for models that need to withstand heat.CeramicHigh-temperature testing, molds for casting, electrical casing.
Rigid 4000Offers high stiffness and resistance to bending.Glass-filled NylonStructural components, enclosures, aerospace and automotive applications.
Rigid 10000Even higher stiffness and thermal stability than Rigid 4000.Glass-filled Polycarbonate
Tough 1500Designed for parts that need a strong balance of toughness, stiffness, and durability.ABSFunctional prototypes, mechanical parts, jigs, and fixtures.
Tough 2500Provides excellent strength and stiffness, ideal for rugged and sturdy applications.PolycarbonateMechanical parts, structural components, jigs and fixtures.
Flexible 80AResin with great flexibility and impact strength. Can bend and quickly return to its original form.ElastomericGaskets, seals, hinges, and other flexible parts.
Elastic 50AOffers high elongation and low modulus, perfect for parts that will undergo temporary deformation.SiliconeMedical models, wearables, soft robotic components.
Silicone 40AMimics the mechanical properties of silicone, suitable for parts requiring softness and flexibility.SiliconeMedical prosthetics, complex soft tissue models, ergonomic grips.
Castable WaxHigh-detail, wax-filled materials designed for reliable direct investment casting with zero ash content.WaxCustom jewelry design, intricate metal artwork, dental crowns.
Castable Wax 40Similar to Castable Wax 40 but with a different wax content.WaxCustom jewelry design, intricate metal artwork, dental crowns.
ESDElectrostatic Discharge safe material, designed for parts that require anti-static properties.Electronics enclosures, fuel tanks, dissipative fixtures.
PU Rigid 650Polyurethane-like resins that offer a balance between stiffness and durability.PolyurethaneTooling and prototyping, industrial components, durable end-use parts.
PU Rigid 1000Similar to PU Rigid 650 but offers improved mechanical strength.PolyurethaneDurable end-use parts, high-strength prototypes, industrial components.