Explore SHAP3D.xyz’s diverse range of FDM Materials tailored for every application. From PLA to carbon fiber-infused Polyamides, discover the perfect material for your project’s demands. Whether you’re designing automotive components, lightweight aerospace prototypes, or general 3D printing needs, our FDM Materials page provides a deep dive into the properties and applications of each filament, ensuring the best fit for your innovation.

FDM MaterialDescriptionApplications
ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate)UV-resistant thermoplastic similar to ABS.Outdoor fixtures, automotive parts, outdoor signage.
CoPA (Copolyamide)Benefits of both PA6 and PA66, offering excellent mechanical properties and chemical resistance, better moisture resistance.Flexible parts, gears, functional prototypes.
PA6-CF (Polyamide 6 Carbon Fiber)Nylon infused with carbon fiber, enhanced mechanical strength and thermal resistance.Advanced engineering components, automotive parts, aerospace components.
PA6-GF (Polyamide 6 Carbon Fiber)Reinforced with glass fiber, providing enhanced stiffness, heat resistance, and dimensional stability.Structural components, automotive applications, industrial parts requiring increased stiffness and heat resistance.
PA12-CF (Polyamide 12 Carbon Fiber)Nylon infused with carbon fiber, offering an excellent balance of strength and chemical resistance.High-strength engineering components, chemical-resistant parts, automotive applications.
PA612-CF (Polyamide 612 Carbon Fiber)Highly robust and stiff, with improved weather resistance and low moisture absorption.Outdoor applications, functional prototypes, high-stress mechanical parts.
PAHT-CF (Polyamide Carbon Fiber)Excellent mechanical and thermal properties, designed for high-temperature and high-stress applications.Industrial components, automotive parts, high-temperature applications.
PET-CF (Polyethylene Terephthalate Carbon Fiber)Common plastic strengthened with carbon fiber.Strong functional prototypes, drone parts, robotic components.
PETG-CF (Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol-modified Carbon Fiber)Favored 3D printing material made even stronger with carbon fiber.Structural components, machine parts, functional prototypes.
PLA Aero (Low Density PLA)Lightweight yet robust, designed for applications requiring low density but high strength.Aerospace components, drones, lightweight prototypes.
PLA-CF (Polylactic Acid Carbon Fiber)Environmentally friendly plastic fortified with carbon fibers.Cosmetic prototypes, decorative items, lightweight components.
PLA PLUS (or PLA+)Improved version of PLA with enhanced mechanical properties.General 3D printing, prototypes, toys, household items.
PLA (Polylactic Acid)Technically biodegradable material from renewable resources.Decorative items, models, toys, general 3D printing.